pressing & Moulding tools

Find out exactly what can take shape

At Technitool, we have a number of solutions for both shaping presses and cutting presses. Each and every mould or press is designed to meet your exact requirements. Contact us now to start creating your perfect product. What’s more, if you’re looking for additional components, we can also assist you with precision tooling, jigs, fixtures and turned parts!

Bespoke moulds of all shapes and sizes

We can design and manufacture bespoke plastic injection moulds of the finest quality. You can always expect to receive plastic injection moulds of the finest precision.

Do you need to speak to an expert?

If you are aware of the exact specifications of what you need, we may still be able to offer our assistance. We will always look to save you as much time and money as possible. We understand that your business will require a cost effective press or mould.

Contact Technitool

Get in touch with us today for a wide range of tooling solutions. We can help you find the perfect tools for the job and offer our expert advice. Call us on 01604 626 790 or use our contact form.